This conference aims to discuss the fundamental and applied physics of spin-related phenomena in broad spintronics materials of semiconductors, metals and insulators and the development in spintonics devices quantum information. The major areas of the conference are categorized into three, namely, "Spintronics materials", "Spintronics phenomena", and “Spintronics devices and applications”. The detailed subjects are listed as follows.

Spintronics materials:

  • Magnetic semiconductors / non-magnetic semiconductors
  • Ferro-metal/semiconductor hybrids
  • Low dimensional systems (nano-tubes, nano-wires, graphene, dichalcogenides etc.)
  • Defects in semiconductors (NV centers etc.)
  • Oxides and multiferroics
  • Organic systems
  • Topological insulators

Spintronics phenomena:

  • Spin injection and spin transfer
  • Spin current generation and detection
  • Spin coherence, dynamics and spin manipulation
  • Spin-orbit phenomena
  • Spin-caloritronics
  • Nuclear spin and hyperfine interactions
  • Spin-entanglement and quantum information processing

Spintronics devices and applications:

  • Magnetization control, spin-torque and magnetization switching
  • Domain wall dynamics
  • Spin sensing
  • GMR, TMR and MRAM
  • Novel spintronics devices
  • Theoretical modeling of spintronics devices and materials